NitroMax (NM)

A Token built for the Binance Smart Chain

NitroMax (NM) is One Kind of Binance Smart Chain Technology Based Token. It Also Have A NFT Platform. Soon NitroMax NFT Will Be Listed in Bakeryswap NFT Marketplace

Total Supply 10000 NitroMax (NM) And Already Burn 2000 NitroMax (NM) That Will Be Huge Opportunity For A trader. Soon listing Many Exchangers

TOKEN info

Token Network: BEP-20

Token name: NitroMax

Token symbol: NM

Total Supply: 10,000

Decimals: 18

Contract address: 0xde7c26ab90289b5efde2c2d02d9d8379fd2e86c6

Mission Of The Project

Q1: NitroMax listed in pancakeswap and bakeryswap

Q2: NitroMax nft will be launch in bakeryswap nft marketplace and binance NFT featured marketplace

Q3: NitroMax listing in CEX like Hotbit, Latoken, Bilaxy etc.

Q4: NitroMax own Dex launching

NirtoMax (NM) Launch price: 0.24$

Poocoin live price check

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